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Vin en Vacances

Château Combebelle – Daring to live the Saint Chinian Dream.


Ask most little girls what they want to be when they grow up, and I’ll wager a fair few say ‘a vet’ or ‘a nurse’ or even ‘an air stewardess’. But Catherine Wallace had dreams way above the common or garden expectation! Wine was where it was ‘at’ and that’s where she aimed.


Her apprenticeship was served as, amongst other things, a wine buyer; but the drive to grow, and tend her own vines, and produce her own wine was what motivated her and her partner Patrick to acquire Chateau  Combebelle.


The vineyard could not be more enchanting. Perched on the top of a hill in the AOC of St Chinian, this organic and biodynamic winery epitomises what it is to truly love your terroir. Nestled in the garrigue that so typifies this region, and with views on a clear day that stretch to the mountain of Canigou and the Mediterranean, Combebelle is a delight from start to finish.


Everything from the vines themselves, through to the winery, the tasting room, and the wonderful gite that is available to rent; has the stamp of people who love what they do, and respect what they have. Catherine & Patrick produce white, rosé and red wines, and have an enviable distribution network throughout Europe and Canada.


Vin En Vacances dovetail our tours to Combebelle in order to coincide with St Chinian’s wonderful market on a Thursday and Sunday. Our clients love to wander the stalls and taste the produce especially the cheeses and many of them buy some to enjoy with a bottle of Chateau Combebelle wine back at their holiday home.Image


  • Really looking forward to our trip in October Wendy. It sounds fascinating.


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