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Vin en Vacances

Buying this old building has been a little like stepping into a time capsule. We believe the old winery was abandoned over 60 years ago, probably due to a devastating flood. There is evidence that belongings of value were hoisted up to the top floor to get them out of the water and it looks like the flood was so damaging that no-one returned to try to fix the place up after the water had subsided. One of those things was this fabulous old carriage which is still hanging from the rafters minus its wheels.

Also abandoned were two carts, used to haul grapes and barrels by the horses that occupied the old stable which still has the hay ricks and mangers. We would have loved to keep the old carts but there is no room on the property. Luckily some great friends came to the rescue and offered them a home in their wild garden in the hills not far from here. But how to get them there? It wasn’t easy and involved a big truck, a small tractor and some very willing hands.

One of the most exciting things to happen over the last couple of months is the block & beam ceiling. Watching the beams go in was rather nerve racking but its great to have an upper floor at last and for the first time we have been able to walk about upstairs!

Currently John the Machine (our builder) is making a doorway onto the terrace and will soon be starting on the windows openings.

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