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Vin en Vacances

Its been a while since we updated our blog on the progress of the Old Winery renovation and that’s because progress has been slow. But last week the old roof was taken off and that’s given a big boost to the project.

We hope the new roof will be on by mid January and then we can begin work on the swimming pool. It sounds crazy to talk about a swimming pool before we even get a bathroom but for the machinery to reach the pool it has to go through the house so it has to be done before the downstairs floor is laid.  Work has begun on pointing the walls around the pool, not quite finished yet but getting there. Below is a before and after-so-far picture.

The River terrace has had some work too, Tom and Mia built the gabians which not only created a wall but used up lots of the stone from the barns we knocked down.

So, its coming on and hopefully we will be showing off our new roof to you all in January.

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