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Vin en Vacances

Over the last couple of months there’s been a great deal of progress and soon we will be able to reveal the upstairs of the Old Winery as all the rooms are now laid out. The first fix electrics have taken place and the plumbing is in progress. There have been 3 other important stages reached too, we now have stairs and can now reach the upper floor with ease.

We chose a floating staircase which is made from the reclaimed beams when we took the old ceiling down. Its been beautifully made by Danny Fenton who is a creative genius..!

Another important step was the opening of the outside cuve. We thought this old wine making vessel would be made from concrete as the vast majority of them are, however it turned out to be made from stone all the way through. We have created a large opening which will be filled with the metal and glass doors that will be used in all the windows and doors. This is going to be Wendy’s office and she’s named it her ‘girl cuve’, after all Fisher has his man cave which is the workshop and garage.

Above the cuve we have created a roof terrace and a bridge connecting it to one of the bedrooms. Rousseau the cat approves..!

The final exciting development was the removal of the press. It would have been great to keep it but it was just too huge for the room and was smack bang in the middle of our future kitchen. It wasn’t an easy job to get it out…



  • Rosemary Jeffries

    Hello Wendy. We stayed with Karen & Russell Secker for a couple of weeks at the end of May. We took your Canal Midi tour with Marcel on one of our days and was very taken with Rieux. So much so that we have booked the Loft again for next year. We have explored most of France over many years and this year, returned for the first time in 10 years ! We fell in love with the area all over again and so I was delighted to receive your email / blog , detailing your renovations. We live in a very old house so we appreciate the hard work, the frustrations and the satisfaction in achieving a habitable building. Those days are in our past but we remain interested in other peoples ‘ projects. I will look forward to hearing about the progress of the building and your plans for next year in regard to food and drink. We would not be in the market for extended tours but day Tours/ Courses would be of interest. Thank you for sharing your photos and news. We send our best wishes for the summer season and for your continued efforts on The Old Winery.
    Warm regards
    Rosemary & David Jeffries


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