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Vin en Vacances

Over the past few months we suffered some setbacks which slowed the progress of our project down considerably but a few weeks ago it began to move more quickly again and now we are seeing some real progress. Overseeing all these exciting changes has been Rousseau our lovely ginger cat. He can’t wait for us to move in and neither can we..!

Some of the work that’s taken place is not visible as its below ground or concealed behind walls such as the drainage and the electricity which entailed digging up the road. Upstairs the first fix electrics and plumbing are done and so has nearly all the boarding needed to create rooms where none had existed and we have now have 4 bedrooms and bathrooms.

This week it was time for the concrete to be laid and as The Old Winery is situated across a narrow bridge our builder decided it would be a good idea to have it pumped from the other side of the river into the building. This entailed a huge crane like vehicle and several loads of ready mixed cement brought in.

The first pour was to create the base for the swimming pool.

Next the ground floor

And finally, the new roof for the top of the old wine cuve was poured, this will be our roof terrace.

It was a very quick process and it was all over by lunch time. The following day the men arrived to fit the upstairs underfloor heating. This was the third attempt to lay it as the floor was not level enough on the previous occasions so a lot of time has been spent getting it right which involved self-levelling compound and grinding off the higher lumps but at last its down and the next step will be to screed over the top.

November should see more big changes and we can’t wait..!


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